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Why Use Our Services as a Spa

Sapphire Spa Solutions mission is to make spa temping not only trustworthy but a highly desirable option for all spa managers.

It is our belief that the perfect ratio of employed therapists to temp therapists in an average spa is 3:2. You do not want your spa to be fully staffed all year round, unless you are fully booked all year round and are lucky enough not to experience the fluctuations in requests that a lot of spas experience. It is financially in your best interest to have a skeleton crew of employed staff, to cover the necessities and guaranteed work and then have a trusted source of casual contracts or temping staff to fill in during the busier periods.

At Sapphire Spa Solutions, we pride ourselves on being a good source of trustworthy, reliable, compassionate and highly skilled therapists.

All members of our app-based platform are carefully selected through our specially designed interview process. We check all qualifications, schools, right to work, self-employment checks, insurance checks and most importantly we trade test and meet each applicant before we offer them a membership.

Once added to our platform, every therapist must upload their insurance document and qualifications for you to see, before we show them any of the shifts that you have requested. They will not be able to apply for any shift without offering these details. Once they apply for a shift with you, you can see their information including, their profile picture and any reviews from other spas (if any have been left for them), their insurance document and their qualification certificates and then decide if they will be a suitable fit for your spa.

We assess all of our therapist members on their personal presentation, client care and comfort, towel management, cleanliness of their working environment and their uniform, variety of massage techniques, massage pressure and speed and the care they take with their own posture. We know how important it is that a therapist fits right into your spa, after all, they are representing you and your brand as well as ours and their own. It is a huge responsibility, and we have full faith that all of our team members will do you proud.

Sapphire Spa Solutions

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What They Say

Testimonial from Pippa

” As the Treatment Manager of a local spa I have worked with Sapphire Spa Solutions for a couple of years and have always been extremely impressed with the quality of therapists they arrange for us. Kayleigh runs a very professional, friendly and personable service. I would recommend Sapphire Solutions to any spa. A great service. “

Testimonial from Zoe

Since starting my journey within The Spa industry many years ago, I have always partnered with Kayleigh and Sapphire Solutions for all of our agency therapists needs. Throughout my time, not only have I found Kayleigh’s team to be high quality, well trained therapists, they are also extremely reliable. “

A word from our Director

Kayleigh Purser

One of my biggest reasons for creating an alternative to the traditional temping agency came from my personal experience of being a massage temp for five different temping agencies.

Simply, only one of them actually met with me and my trade test for them was an Indian Head Massage performed in a pub just off the M5 near to Bristol. Not only was it highly embarrassing giving a stranger an Indian Head Massage in a pub, but it was also highly unprofessional of them to have asked for it. However, this was the best of the five agencies because at least they made the effort to test my skills and check who I was!

Throughout my career, I have spoken to many spa managers about spa temping and the vast majority of them all have the same opinion, spa temping is an absolute last resort, because spa temps cannot be trusted. Sadly, I can understand where these feelings came from and in 2014, I would have fully agreed, which is why I have made it Sapphire Spa Solutions’ mission to change the opinion about spa temps for the better.