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Sapphire Spa Solutions Ltd’s bespoke web-app based booking solution has revolutionised the way that both spa managers and therapists alike, can manage and book the shifts that they need.
It took nearly two years for the app to be built and launched, mostly due to the level of complexity and attention to detail required for such a perfect software solution.
The launch of the app has enabled Sapphire Spa Solutions Ltd to be a 24/7 operation, supporting spas and therapists whenever they need assistance.


For the Therapists

Finding a spa shift has never been easier. Once your membership has been approved you can set your account to search for the spa shifts you want, in the areas you want to work in. You can select which days of the week you want to work, what your preferred hours would be and the distance from home that you are willing to travel. Our app then calculates which spas are in your chosen area and allows you to pick which ones you would like to go to. Once your settings have been selected, you will only ever get notifications about the shifts that match your exact search parameters. No being bombarded with emails about shifts that are irrelevant to your needs, only see what you want to see!

Everything is at your fingertips and easy to navigate. Manage your bookings easily through the Shift List function. If the spa allows for it, you can request accommodation for your chosen shift when you apply for it, you can even apply for fewer or different hours than what has been advertised, it is then up to the spa to change the hours if what you offer suits them. Manage and send your invoices quickly and easily with the click of a button and receive payment quickly, within 14 days of invoicing.

Our app makes it so much easier to manage your schedule and cuts down your admin time.

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For the Spas

There is nothing worse than having a late-night call from a team member to tell you they are off sick. With our app, you can simply log in on your mobile phone or laptop any time of the day or night and send out an emergency shift request to our team. All available therapists working with us will be emailed immediately to let them know you have work available and as soon as someone applies for the shift, you will get an email to let you know that you have applicants, just log in, check their details and confirm.

This doesn’t mean that our app is just for emergencies though. You can request shifts at any time, even six months in advance! Quickly and easily add the dates and shift parameters that you need, you can request specific hours and specific treatment requirements and then send these to our team. So long as you have shifts that need covering, our therapists will get a daily email to let them know to book. You won’t be bombarded with emails every time a therapist applies, if you have applicants for your shift, you will have one email sent out in the morning and again in the afternoon to let you know to log in and confirm.

Our app allows you to check who is applying for your shifts quickly and easily and even allows you the option to view their insurance and qualification documents before you accept their application, so you have full control over who is working in your spa.

We recommend adding your own team members to our platform, so if you are away there is always someone on hand to manage your shift requests for you. You have full control over which members of your team have access to the booking system and which receive emails from our app. If you do not want to be disturbed, you can turn off emails to you while you are on holiday.

Our app makes it so much easier for you to manage your temp team.

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What They Say

Zoe – Spa manager at The Elms

At the start of the year, Kayleigh introduced us to the new Sapphire app and we could not be more impressed. The app allows us to advertise our available shifts weeks in advance. The Therapists can then directly apply for this via the app. This not only makes the process of booking these shifts in easier, they allow us to directly manage the shift patterns.

The app has made our rota management much more accessible as we are able to log on to this at any point of the day, resulting in faster results instead of awaiting a response from the reception team.

For anyone who may be looking for a reliable & hardworking Spa agency, I could not recommend Kayleigh and her team more.