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Why Temp with Us

Self-employment is not the easy road and is not for everyone, but for some, it offers a better work / life balance and a higher income. You can be more flexible with your hours and work around other family commitments, often easier than you can with a fixed, employed role.


Some of the difficulties with self-employment can include;


Unpredictable earning (you may be fully booked one week and quiet the next)


Increased administrative workload (you need to keep on top of your invoices and taxes)


Lonely (you have no work colleagues, it’s just you)


Feeling like you never leave the house (if you work from home)


No support (it can be hard to know who to ask for help)


Losing focus (its easy to lose track of your dreams)

Being a member of Sapphire Spa Solutions goes a long way to help tackle these issues.


You pick and choose the shifts you want to cover, so you can fill your quiet times with work, when you need it


Our bespoke app assists you with your invoices and gives you an easy way to send and keep track of your earnings for your tax returns


You have access to a team WhatsApp group, so you can chat to fellow self-employed therapists


Work in some of the most beautiful spas and beauty spots in the UK


Support with your own business through regular workshops designed to help you with your business


A very easy to use jobs platform so you can easily keep track of your bookings, giving you more headspace to focus on your goals and dreams

Join Sapphire Spa Solutions

We are here to support you in your self-employment and your journey within the spa industry, giving you the support you need to realise your full potential.
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Don’t take our word for it

Here are some of the stories from our past members…

Vicky's Story

I trained in massage and beauty therapy after I realised that working at a desk wasn’t working out for me. I felt, as a mature student, that I did not have the experience and confidence that other therapists my age had so I took a part time job in a spa to support my self-employed work and to help me gain more experience, but I always had that feeling that I wasn’t good enough.
I joined Sapphire Spa Solutions to gain as much experience as I could with both spas and different product lines, and I fell in love with the different spa and beauty products out there.
I loved going to different spas and using different brands.
I worked with Sapphire Spa Solutions for over a year when it suddenly struck me that my passion was not just in offering treatments but in making and using beauty products.
The confidence and experience I gained from working with Sapphire Spa Solutions has led me to discovering my true potential and business goals. I now own and operate my own business making and selling bath and beauty products. I recently opened an Etsy store and have been selling my vegan, handmade products at many events across the Midlands.
Sapphire Spa Solutions made it possible for me to realise and live my dreams.

Pattamon’s story

Having worked with Sapphire Spa Solutions for several years as a spa cover therapist, I have found great satisfaction in our collaboration. They have consistently demonstrated professionalism and support throughout my tenure. A year ago, I made the decision to venture into entrepreneurship with my own business, albeit with some uncertainty about its success. To mitigate risks, I opted to lease a treatment room from Sapphire Spa Solutions to conduct private sessions until my business gained traction. I am pleased to announce that I have now established my own practice, Thai Holistic Massage Therapy in Cheltenham.
I extend my sincere gratitude to Sapphire Spa Solutions for their integral role in facilitating this transition and contributing to my journey of success.

A little story about our Director

Kayleigh Purser

Kayleigh started her career as a massage therapist in 2004. Having studied complementary and massage therapy through ITEC, Kayleigh did not have an NVQ beauty qualification, that was the minimum requirement for working in the spa industry at that time. After several failed interviews and being rejected for the same two reasons; not enough qualifications and not having two years minimum experience, Kayleigh took the only option left open to her and became self-employed.

Self-employment had its ups and downs and six years (and one psychology degree) later, Kayleigh got her first job in a spa and was offered in-house training in facials. But the hours were minimum (only 12 hours a week), due to the ongoing effects of the 2008 recession and after a few months Kayleigh moved to London looking for full time work.

Three years later Kayleigh returned to the Cotswolds and a full-time spa therapist position. She continued with her own private clients in her spare time and found that in an hour and a half of private work, she was making the same wage as it would take her all day in the spa to make. After a year and a half, she bit the bullet and left her full-time position to be fully self-employed.